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Security token error when using replacement variables with CDN

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  • [Forum] Security token error when using replacement variables with CDN

    I've set up a CDN as instructed using variable replacement manager. here. When a user attempts to use the file attachment, the get a security token error. Unless your real fast, you have to quit your browser to get out of the error.

    Also, if you click on Edit Post, it won't bring you to the edit feature. You need to click a second time.

    The template has been working for 8 months, so it's not the template.

    Suggestions on how to fix this and make the CDN work properly?

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    The site doesn't mention Attachments Storage Type, which are currently being stored in the database. Should they be moved into a file system. Any downside to making this move? Can I revert back to database if I wanted to down the road.


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      You may easily move the attachments to the filesystem, and if you decide you don't want them there, you can easily move them back.

      The clue to figuring out what is going wrong with the security token is going to be in your page source. You'll have to take a look at the html code for the form in the page. The best place to ask for help when modifying your site is going to be, the modification site.

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        Thanks Lynne for the information on filesystem.


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