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How to insert a widget/article inside forum itself?

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  • [Forum] How to insert a widget/article inside forum itself?

    The articles blogs and widgets that publishing suite offers is great and i can manage them on separate pages well

    however, how would i add such a widget or article within a forum itself? for example, on the left side there would be the forums and on the right side some news widgets

    i'd like my forum layout to look like this:

    however, i found no entry such as "Forum" inside section manager, so i can't apply/don't know how to apply the layout to the forum itself

    could someone help please?

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    That is not currently possible. Sorry.


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      Widgets belong to the CMS. If you want a 'widget' on the forum page, they are actually called Forum Blocks. Check these settings:
      vboptions > forum sidebar > set those to what you want
      forums & moderators > forum blocks > add the blocks you want

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        hmm thanks for this "hack". it's a pity though, because like that i can add content only to side with that rollover button, not under/above/on both sides of the forums. and the layout manager in the cms section was just so great

        anyways, i tried adding custom "blocks" but i can seem to add only whole sections of contents (CMS Articles/Blog Entries) and cannot add a single article or blog post. do i have to write custom html/php over again every time i want to put some article from cms to the forum sidebar? doesn't that kind of loses the whole point of having cms/forum in one suite? i guess me and my co-worker misunderstood the meaning of "publishing suite"

        also- another question, is there at least _any_ user friendly way of adding custom content created inside cms to the forum pages themselves? i mean other than writing case conditions and custom code inside templates

        and the last question, is there perhaps a way how can be forums, or at least some part part of the forums added to the main page as "widget" or "primary content"? like that i could add one forum section after other on some site section which would actually be an `illusion` of main forum page, while in reality it would be a bunch of widgets/whatever with different forum sections added one by one

        i hope there is some way how to connect cms content and forums themselves


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