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How to display wanted title in forum root ?

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  • [Forum] How to display wanted title in forum root ?


    I want a custom title in the forum root and only there

    When I change this according to >> Forum Name in >> Site Name / URL / Contact Details

    I get this long forum name not only there but below the navbit:

    First ones --

    And then -- Welcome to the .......

    Isnt that very unpractical

    My forum should have one name

    and my main page title one

    Appreciate the help in this

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    Sorry, but I don't understand what page and what location on that page that you want to have something shown other than what is being shown. Can you please post an image and highlight what you want changed and provide a link to the page it is located on.

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      You know the place where you type your forum name

      According to >> Forum Name in >> Site Name / URL / Contact Details

      That forum name is the same phrase that will be visible in the title for the main page.

      So the natural thing is to use 4-6 words because you want to be found for those keywords

      The problem is: The same phrase 4-6 words are then visible on your forum main on 3 different places....

      Twice below the navbit and ones inside the Whats going on? blockIn reality I want at those 3 places something short instead - like the REAL name of my forum and not 4-6 keywords.

      How can I do that ?


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        You can't treat the sitename as if it's a meta tag. It's the name of your forum. The meta search tags are added on the general settings under options.
        You need to put just the forum name in site name then flip over to general settings and add your meta keywords there.


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