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configure widget not working ??

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  • [CMS] configure widget not working ??

    I've just hit save on a new widget and when when I click 'Configure Widget'... nothing happens.

    Well... I am led to the main admin cp welcome page - but that's certainly not right.
    What's going on !?

    _thanks in advance_

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    Hey folks -
    Any help on this one ?
    I'm stuck !!!!
    I'm stuck !!!!
    I'm stuck !!!!



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      What version vB are you running? Were you ever able to configure widgets and did it just suddenly stop working or ?? Have you tried going to your admin panel via both and just and seen if it works with one or the other? What are the values you have input in vboptions > Content Management ? Are they all default or have you changed them and if so, to what?

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        Thanks for the response !
        I'm using vBulletin version 4.0.3

        Your clue about adding the www in front of the URL (when accessing the admincp) appears to fix the problem !
        I'll confirm and reply back....