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Quick Question, what contenttype do I use for all (or at least content and blog)?

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  • Lynne
    Five second answer - this is not possible with the current code. More than five second answer - only one contenttype is allowed for the getnew request with the code the way it is. If you want to allow more, then this would require modifying the code. I have seen discussions about this over on, but I don't know if the code changes have ever been posted, but you may want to try a search over there.

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  • Snookieboy
    No one knows this at all? It must be a 5 second answer for a Vbulletin Developer, and any experienced VB4 user must know this... please

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  • Quick Question, what contenttype do I use for all (or at least content and blog)?


    I was hoping to tweak the "What's New?" tab to show CMS articles and blog posts as well as forum posts. I know how to change the URL the button press does, but I cant figure out for the life of me how to make the contenttype show it all, or at least new articles and blog posts.

    The url it uses is:
    So I'm guessing its a simple change the contenttype, but Iv tried all, and I cant get it to just show them all, or at least just the CMS and Blog content to. I'm guessing for someone who works at Vbulletin or a user of Vbulletin 4 has come across this before and knows the answer like that, please help

    Thank you

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