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Articles from Front Page Do Not Show up in Front Page Section on Forums

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  • [Forum] Articles from Front Page Do Not Show up in Front Page Section on Forums

    The Forum that houses the comments for the articles on the Front Page section does not show the articles themselves - It simply says "Front Page' and then people have to open it up to look for the articles on the Front Page - consequently the articles on the Front Page only get a fraction of the hits that posts on the Forum do.

    How can I have the articles on the Front Page show up in Front Page Forum on the main Forum page so that people can readily see whats on the Front Page and click on them?

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    Our site was primarily forum dwellers so what we did early on was to post all articles in the forums first in a specific forum and then promote them to articles. This puts a nice pretty copy in the forum as well as on the home page. May sound like double work but the CMS is nothing more than you managing the content on your entire site. some use it exclusivley where others use forums and blogs for their content and then the CMS just highlights the featured items.

    It is a either or from what I see and there are many threads on here talking about using sections and categories or just one or the other and so on.

    this probably isn't what you were looking for but I don't think there is an automatic thing where as when you post in the CMS it shows the full article in the forums. If there is, I sure hope someone points that out as possible I may use it although I have slowly gotten my old users on track with using blogs and the CMS for their news and articles and the forum being for discussions within the community itself.

    Good luck
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      you could add an 'articles' widget to a right or left sidebar of the Forum main page.


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