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How to add an image identifying a certain type of user

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  • [Forum] How to add an image identifying a certain type of user

    I have a lot of military on my site and I want them to have an icon next to their username if they so choose to join the 'military' usergroup. Can anyone help me with this?


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    Ranks would work, but it would add it to everyone in the usergroup. I think if you want to give them the choice, then you would have to create a User Profile field for "Do you want to have the rank show?" and then based on their selection, you would show it or not. This will require modifying the template, or writing a plugin. If you need help with that, you should post over on, the modification site.

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      Cool. Thank you for your help!


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        I would just stick with a public usergroup (joinable) that is assigned the image and setup to override the default usergroup title / rank. You don't need to add any additional permissions to the group, just either set it to override entirely as their primary usergroup, which mimics the permissions, or turn everything off except for the override of user title, so it adds as an additional group.


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