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  • [Blog] Re-Edit Blog post

    Ok I save a post to my blog but how can you then re-edit that same post? I have looked all over and see no way to re-edit or make changes to one of your posts?

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    Well looks like I am not the only one that does not know how to do this?
    If I figure it out I will post it.


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      WOW finally figured out how to re-edit a blog post that you made and already saved only took me two days off and on but got it.

      1.When you go to the blog page you wish to change notice in the upper right corner of the blog you see a small square. Click that square this places a check mark in it.

      2.Then at the left top of the blog where you see the blog name or title you now see a small yellow pencil click the pencil and it loaders this blog post to re-edit.

      Took me two days off and on to figure that one out I new there had to be someway to re-edit your old blog post with as many options as this new message base has.


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