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two questions: how to edit the admin message when you block unregistered users

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  • [Forum] two questions: how to edit the admin message when you block unregistered users

    I have blocked the unregistered group users from viewing the forum. but the message he or she gets when accessing the forum needs to be edited. i need to have a message that says something like:
    "your are not registered"
    how can do that?

    the second question: how can i make the login panel under that message; not at the top right of the page.

    please help.

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    The text in vbulletin are usually found in the Phrases. Go to Languages & Phrase > Search in Phrases > enter part of the text from the phrase you want to find > Find

    Not sure what your second question means. Can you post an image of what you are talking about?

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      thank you Lynne for your help,
      for the second question, when someone browses to my website, i want him/her to see a message that he/she is not registered and should login to view the forum. And then under this message, there should a username and a password to enter.
      Normally, the username and password are positioned at the top right of the forum, and I need it to be under the message in the middle of the page.