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Dictionary of variables accesible in forum templates

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  • Lynne
    Variables need to be registered for use in templates now. The best way to find which variables are registered is to find where the template is rendered. So, do a search in your vbfiles for (no quotes) "create('templatename')" and you should find the lines. For example, if you search for "create('navbar')", you will find this line:
    PHP Code:
        $templater vB_Template::create('navbar'); 
    and directly below that is a listing of all the variables registered for use in that template:
    PHP Code:


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  • SuperJuice
    Does anyone actually monitor this forum to provide help? there seem to be hundreds of posts on here that essentially go unanswered?

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  • downloadsUK
    man, a dictionary of variables available in all templates would solve so many problems. but hey. the vbulletin team just don't think about this at all it seems.

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  • Dictionary of variables accesible in forum templates

    Does anyone have a dictionary or documentation that describes the different variables that are available in the vBulletin templating system?

    It seems every page I see has either an old reference or conflicting information.

    I am especially interested with getting the forumid in the SHOWTHREAD template.

    I have used the following but can't get the desired result:


    I basically want the forum ID that the post is in.. if anyone can lead me to some solid documentation on the subject I would greatly appreciate it.

    This is the best list I have found so far and it's not even a vBulletin resource (but it's about 4 years old):

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