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CMS posts showing up in "What's New?"

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  • [CMS] CMS posts showing up in "What's New?"

    I realise that the CMS comment system is essentially a hack on an existing forum.. but I am having problems with CMS 'posts' showing up under "What's New". It is not only exposing the 'hidden' CMS forum but when a user clicks on the Posts that are listed they are told they don't have access to the forum even though they can view all the comments posts on the CMS page.

    Is there a way to hide this CMS forum completely from the "What's New" page? (without hacking source) I really don't want it showing up at all.

    I have "Forum is Active" set to no, so I would expect it to be hidden.

    Also set "Show Private Forum" to No, this also didn't work.
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    It's a feature, not a bug, and revereted back to previous behavior in 4.0.6

    Search is your friend.

    Unfortunately, you have to trick the search engine by searching for *CMS* and return by date, thread titles only.


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      I have searched, still can't find it.

      Wouldn't it have been easier to just provide a link to the post?

      Seems everyone is trying to give people access to the forum.. I don't want that.. I want to exclude them from the search.

      Has anyone got a solution that excludes them from the "Whats New?" search?


      Strangely when I do an 'advanced search' they turn up in the search and it correctly takes me to the CMS page rather than trying to send me to the forum page, surely this should be the same behaviour on the "Whats New?" page?


      Sounds very similar to this bug which is unresolved from March.

      It's been deferred even though it potentially leaks sensitive information.. where are the priorities for resolving bugs?
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        1. I didn't provide the link, because search links are broken. At least they were yesterday, when I did provide a link to another poster.
        2. Sorry, I thought it obvious that I meant advanced search, because I gave extra parameters. In hindsight, obvious it wasn't. Glad you could figure it out.
        3. Search is broken, badly. That should be clear to you. Did you notice the two tabs in advanced? Often, if your search doesn't work in the default tab, it will work in the single search tab. I have no clue why.
        4. And it's not a bug that search doesn't work. It's a feature. I think that's why it isn't "fixed" or assigned to be.
        5. Finally, although vbstaff have said prioritization is done through the bug tracker, I think they are misleading at best, and .... at worst. I've seen no rhyme nor reason in how they decide to approach problems.


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