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  • [Forum] Style problem in show thread

    Hi I have a problem with one of the skins in my forum, it appears that with some webbrowsers there is a lot of room in the right margin in the threads, I have enclosed a capture, unfortunately, it appears correct in my capture, because from my computer, the skin looks alright, but from my work computer, I can definitely see this problem, also been reported by some of my users. Is there a change I need to make to the stylevars or templates so that it will look the same on all browsers? thank you.

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    I'm having the same issue in vb4.0.3. The right margin in posts is ridiculously large in both Firefox 3.6.3 and IE8. I think it occurs when a post is created with an older version of IE, but haven't narrowed it down. Editing one of these messed up posts brings up a narrow text box that is about the same as the margins in the displayed post. If you edit and then save it using IE8, it fixes itself.