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  • [Forum] Pages not completely loading

    Ever since I upgraded to 4.0.3 I noticed an issue where my pages don't completely finish loading in the right amount of time. The page *seems* to load fine, as in it appears in the web browser, but, for example, in firefox, I get the "Transferring data from" for about 30 seconds before it goes away.

    I'm trying to use the firebug plugin for firefox but I can't decipher what it's telling me (or if it's telling me anything at all...)

    I haven't modified any vB code. I have I think 1 plugin, the vB Project add-on. But I had this installed before I started experiencing this anomoly.

    It's a dedicated FreeBSD 7.2 server with pretty much nothing else running on it (low volume email server, webmail, nothing fancy, and it's been running these services the entire time). Load average on the server is:
    9:47PM  up 237 days, 20:58, 2 users, load averages: 0.00, 0.02, 0.03
    Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

    Edit: this doesn't happen when browsing /admincp
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    I think the web server keep your connections open.
    I do not see another problem.

    if you use Apache-check keep alive - server setup
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      I appreciate the reply, but as I stated it's only happening to vBulletin. The other sites I am running are fine. <-- works <-- works <-- works <-- breaks <-- breaks

      I'd appreciate it if someone (support staff?) who knows something about firebug can just browse my site and give me their findings. I think I am doing something wrong because I'm not seeing what I expect to see with firebug.


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        maybe try upgrading to the latest release and see if the issue continues?


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          Thanks for the reply.

          I already am running the latest release. The symptoms started when I installed 4.0.3. I was hoping it was a known bug that would be fixed, but upgrading to 4.0.4 and 4.0.5 didn't fix the issue, so I guess it's just me.


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            If you use a totally default style do you still have the problem? ARe you seeing anything in your error_logs?

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              Originally posted by Lynne View Post
              If you use a totally default style do you still have the problem? ARe you seeing anything in your error_logs?
              Default style shows the same behavior. The only errors I am seeing in the errorlog have to do with a ragriadiant_thead file not existing when viewing the vB project.


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