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  • [CMS] Google sitemap submission

    Very Simple Question.

    For Sitemap Submission to google:
    Should I submit the individual sitemap urls that are listed in the admincp> XML Sitemap>Rebuild Sitemap>The sitemap will be accessed by search engines via this URL.

    There are 4 of them listed in this file. Blog, Thread, forum and cms

    Or Should I submit the one that is listed as Index in the file of the file manager where these are stored?

    Or Should I submit all 5?

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    You should submit the single sightmap. If you look at the admincp > XML Sitemap > Rebuild Sitemap it gives you the link. Well, you have to mouseover the link.
    Please- I'm not tech support. Don't send your problem reports to me unless I've asked you to.


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      Thank you.
      the one that says xmlsitemap.php? at the end of the link.
      and if so should I delete any existing sitemap on google webmaster


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        Hi, I have done this and google doesn't accept my sitemap (I get the red X in webmaster tools) - I downloaded the xml file and it doesn't show any of the links...

        the url is

        any help would be appreciated...


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          Have you
          admincp>xml sitemap>rebuild sitemap


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            I've done that 3 times and it still shows no links in the sitemap - any other suggestions?


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              Same issue here. Rebuilt sitemap I don't know how many times, path in XML SItemap settings is correct and folder sitemaps is set to 777. When I submit the sitemap in Google Webmasters I get the red cross straight away.

              I've went from having over 1k pages indexed to just over 300, and falling, in a week.

              What is going on vBulletin? If this is a bug then I'm absolutely astounded that you have no intention of providing a remedy until 4.1 as I have read on here.

              If that is the case then let me know so that I can make arrangements to use another forum solution before my site is completely killed.


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                Is your file path in your admincp>options>xml sitemap
                set absoloute?


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                  I removed the old xml.gz files and tried to rebuild sitemap but no files are being written in the folder.


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                    Wow. I'm sorry then I am not sure what else to tell you.
                    Have you submitted a trouble ticket to get help directly?

                    I can tell you that sometimes when you post in a thread that has already been addressed by someone from VB they don't come back to look at them again. (This one is a good example look at my follow up question that had no response on here)

                    So starting your own thread will also get you a better response from VB


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                      Mine is set to send the files to the root directory. Since I'm sitting in a subdomain mine looks like this: /home/subdomain folder name/public_html
                      However if you're not subbed then the path doesn't need the name of the forum in it or a subdomain folder name. Like this: /home/public_html and on to where your files are.


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                        There's something wrong with your sitemap setup. You should be able to download the xmlsitemap.php, which will list a number of gzipped files. You should then be able to download each of those files. If that's not working and you can't see what's wrong with the settings, then yes- you should submit a support ticket.
                        Please- I'm not tech support. Don't send your problem reports to me unless I've asked you to.


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                          This has been a problem for me since 4.0.4 every time I try to rebuild the sitemap it gives an error: [an error occurred while processing this directive] maybe trying something like vbseo would help I have posted many many times about this with no help. And as for a absolute file path I tried every combination google does not like them, My site has really never been indexed because of this problem.


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