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  • [CMS] Heavy Customisations

    So, I've installed vbulletin and got it up and running to the point where I could post new articles using the standard theme, logo etc.

    However, I want to do some heavy customisations to the code. I'm use to working with and coding for wordpress which I can hack around using direct PHP and write addons for directly in PHP.

    However, vBulletin has come as somewhat of a shock to me as it uses its own syntax for everything. (I guess they have a parser writtten in PHP for this? / why is it all curly brace stuff? Why not just include standard PHP variables and code? It looks easier and for coders like me I can jump straight in)?

    I'm trying to really understand some terms and terminology.

    From this post HERE the guy says put {vb:raw navbar} above {vb:raw header}.

    But then again he suggest removing the hooks and hacking in the parts from the header into navbar.

    However, I am at a loss where these "hooks" might be? How exactly do these hooks work? For example, is it just a replacement for the PHP command include / require? Can someone give me an example of where they might be used and why?

    I am bit confused as to why vbulletin decided to write their own programming language when PHP is good enough. I want to use vB as its real powerful, but its annoying as hell to not be able to jump straight in.

    An example in code or where to go looking myself would be great!



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    The template syntax is a template system, its not a rewritten language. TEmplates are for html, css, and a tiny bit of php.

    If you want to execute php, using plugins/hooks would be best:
    A hook is a point in the code where you can execute custom php/sql/etc code, plugins are what contain the code you want to execute.


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      Ok, thanks Zachery. I appreciate the help and the response. I have been doing more reading and I am starting to come to terms more with the vBulletin system but it's still as confusing as hell. As it stands the CMS doesn't seem eminently mod-able unless you really know all the VB syntax and that's quite hard.

      A second question I would like to ask:

      Can you give me a breakdown of what appears in the two arrays:

      $show[''] and $vboptions['']? They are mentioned lots of times in the navbar / header template and I would like to know what's in them so I can start deciding for myself where to use them and also understand the code better.

      Is this possible?


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        $show['foo'] is a varible set in a page at run time to normally show something, its a quick refrence. For example $show['guest'] checks if $bbuserinfo[userid] is set (0 is a guest, anythig else is a real user).

        $vboptions is the Settings > Options area.

        If you're using a condition, the syntax should be $foo[bar] eg: <vb:if condition="$foo == $moo">
        If you're in the regular template syntax, you should be using {vb:raw}


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