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  • [Forum] Can not change the style

    I made my first style in version 4.0.1. some time ago and then disabled the "Default style". Until now everything work great. Now I have ver4.0.4.

    I would like to create a new style, work on it and someday to replace the existing one. The problem is that I can not change the style anymore. I enabled the Style change by the users, enabled all the styles to be selected, I have them all in my footer, can select them, but when I select any style, nothing is changed.

    First I guess that my new style is the same like the existing one, thats why I don't see difference. But I change a lot of stylevars, deleted this new style, create new as a child to my curent one, again deleted and create new without any parrent, always the same. At least my default style should work, I did't made any changes here, I just disabled it the same day that I installed vBulletin.

    My checklist in footer seems to work as it should, id directs me to .../content.php?styleid=1 (default style) or 2 (the one I'm using now) or 7,8,9,10 (the ones that I'm creating but without success). URL changes, but style remains the same. I can also make this selection manualy, just by changing the URL, I can put any number here, like styleid=2546, it is always the correct URL, no system message, but style is always No.2.

    To check a little more, I changed my style No.2 by editing the title image, changing backgrounds etc. All this works. Ofcourse, when I now test any style, all are the same like style No.2, so I'm quite sure that my style does not change at all, no matter what I do.

    While I'm writing this, I remember to try style change in forum.php. Yep, it is working! So, my problem is somewhere in the content.php script. But there is nothing to edit in this script, it has to be some template, right? Again I don't know anything. Please help, what template or script picks the style?

    Oh, on my site I'm using only CMS so far, no Forum, that's why I didn't remember to try with the forum before.

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    I am having a similar problem. I've enabled style selection. But on the CMS pages only (the ones accessed by the "HOME" button), I get forced to the vBulletin default style and I can't pick the style to use for my forum. If I have style selection enabled, picking the alternative style still forces the default vBulletin style to be used. I know that each discussion forum can pick a specific style to force for that forum (and just that forum). Is there a setting to force the CMS pages to a particular style? I can't find it, but it sure looks like that is what is happening to me. Please help, and thanks in advance! (I am using 4.0.5 myself.)


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