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  • [CMS] Section widget modification

    I want to modify the contents of the section widget. I have found the code I'd want to change in sectionnavext.php.

    But, I don't want to make the change there are it would make upgrades harder.

    My thought was to modify the template where the getPageView() function from the file is called but I can't find it.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    In case anyone is wondering I want to add specific content pages to the section nav.

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    The getPageView() function is called in the controller, not in a template. You definitely don't want to edit that. It's very difficult to answer your question without knowing what you want to do. Generally I would discourage people from changing the section widget- that's got some pretty complex javascript. If you absolutely have to add something to that then you're going to have to do some combination of (1) finding a hook you can use and creating a plugin, and (2) making a template that can render the results.
    Please- I'm not tech support. Don't send your problem reports to me unless I've asked you to.


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      What I want is to have a link on the section nav that will take the user directly to a content page rather then the Generic page that displays section headers.

      I tried copying the resulting html from the section widget and making a new widget from that but the CSS does not come out right and I missed some of the Javascript. I could easy modify the SQL to gather the few pages I want added but then I have to do that each time I upgrade the forum.


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        Hi Alan, were you able to figure this out? I am also interested in something similar. I am trying to show the section header titles on the main content page. So it should look as follows:
        Front Page:
        1. Section 1
        A. Article 1
        B. Article 2
        2. Section 2
        A. Article 1
        B. Article 2
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          I just made my own widget and hard coded the HTML. I never got the javascript to work the way the stock on does but I get the functionality I needed.


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