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Distroted Files for VB 4.0.3

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  • [Forum] Distroted Files for VB 4.0.3

    Ok let me start from the beginning.
    My site started in May 2009 from a previous owner. She had the latest 3.8 version and everything was working great.
    Well in Feb of this year she did an upgrade to the 4.0 version and that's where our problems started. The site was down for 2 days while VB had to fix everything to upgrade the site. The upgrade was completed and everything was working great.

    I took over the site in May and by then the site had started to fall apart BIG TIME(no one could log in, fonts weren't working, no one could post new threads or even reply to threads, no one could upload pics and so on). Did another upgrade to the 4.0.3. that took 2 days and the site was down then too. I could not do the upgrade myself a VB person had to do it.

    Now I'm trying to add some new features to my site and nothing is working. I am trying to add the vBadvanced cmps and cometchat. Neither is working. I keep getting told (as I was back in May) that the files are distorted. Something about the 'clientscript' file not working properly.

    Is there a way I can get this fixed. I have sent in a ticket already but I want to hear from others as well.

    Thanks for reading
    Our MWL Site Owner

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    download 4.0.3 files from members area and upload.


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