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  • [Forum] Lets say I was hacked

    Lets say I was hacked, my forum that is.. what would I have to change to keep them out? Would changing admins password do much? So far I've noticed because they are changing user titles of users and finally they changed my user title. I upgraded to 4.0.4 and changed my password. What should I do?

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    change your ftp password
    change your mysql password
    change your admin password
    look for admins in the admin usergroup
    find the ip address of his and ban
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      I've looked through the access logs and I'm not sure what to look for. A constant amount of ips... but I see that with a bunch of people.


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        You could also try to change the password to the control panel of your hosting, then password protect the admincp and modcp directories (with passwords that are different to your vb account).
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          And also be a little choosier who you allow in your admin and mod cp areas. Disgruntled es-staff can cause a world of hurt if they choose to.
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            Currently no one has access but me and the password wasn't so easy to bruteforce. I have changed my plesk pw. I'm just wondering if they are still in the system somehow, and still have access to the db..(no clue on how to know)


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