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Facebook integration not working (well)

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  • [Forum] Facebook integration not working (well)

    I am not sure this is a fb problem or something else. After upgrading to 4.04, this showed up in the location field (see image).

    Also, using the Publish to Facebook button does not work...the fb login and icon drawn from the profile works, but nothing publishes. I have put in the Ap ID and Secret. It worked before in the 4.03 version.

    Click image for larger version

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    Odd...I suspect the number in the location field had something to do with facebook integration, because the city changed to my fb listed city (the largest near city) rather than the town where I had listed in my vb site. I updated the profile field manually...and today, the whole thing started working (I can now post to fb from my vb site). I have read some other posts where people have said things started to work later, which makes me think there is some maintenance setting that should be run after updating...all my problems seem fixed now, I just point this out for the vb team, in case there is a trend.


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