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Page rendering fast but browser "Transferring data from"... For 10 seconds more

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  • [Forum] Page rendering fast but browser "Transferring data from"... For 10 seconds more

    I have a strange behaviour on my site:

    Browser (IE8 and FF) are showing "Transferring data from (url)" ("Waiting for.. " in IE) and progress bar for another 10 seconds or so after the page has renderd down to the last html closing tag.
    • I can see the page renders in arund a second and can open source and see the closing tag. But the Waiting for and progress bar are still there for about 10 seconds.
    • FF PageSpeed does not see the last delay, but indicates that all is OK.
    This happnes both over the web and on a browser on the server, so it does not seem to be a networking issue.

    It seems to me like the browser is waiting for some transfer completed message which is for some reason delayed.

    It is more on the to page for the forum and blog not the CMS pages. Subpages and forum threads render and finish quickly. I suspected som statistics wher written so I disabled most stats I can find.

    Running 4.0.4, did not notice the prob on 4.0.3

    It does not make a difference if user is logged in or not.

    I have reset cashes, counters, rebuilt. Enen rebooted server.

    The site is low load (2000 pages/day) on a dedicated 3.4GHz quad core server.

    CPU and mySQL activity remains low also in the "delay" periods.


    Any ideas what I should look for?
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    Some of my pages are very slow after the 4.0.4 upgrade.

    The "fast" pages typically finish loading to the bowser in one second, the "slow" pages consistently in 15 seconds.
    Here are some pages/codes:

    content.php Fast, has widgets
    forum.php, Slow with widgets / blocks
    forum.php, fast with no widgets / blocks
    blog.php Slow

    With forum blocks enabled:
    forumdisplay.php showing top forums: slow
    forumdisplay.php showing sub forums: fast
    forumdisplay.php showing thread: fast

    With forum blocks deleted:
    forumdisplay.php showing top forums: fast
    forumdisplay.php showing sub forums: fast
    forumdisplay.php showing thread: slow

    These have no widgets or blocks:

    showthread.php: fast
    member.php: slow
    usercp.php: fast
    search.php: fast
    projetcs.php (PT mod) fast

    The results are a bit contradictive to me.

    I have tried:
    • disabled all pugins
    • re-installed the update to 4.0.4,
    • clearded CMS caches
    • reset countrers
    • rebuilt tables
    • put back the identical config file from 4.0.3
    • rebooted the server
    • re-loaded the slow pages in the browser several times
    Can someone that knows the code see anything that the pages have in common? And as I wrote in the first post, the delay is after the closing tags:
    HTML Code:
    The page renders including these closing tags in one second but then somehow do not send whatever it takes to get the browser to know the page load has completed until somethig times out or happnes after 15 seconds.

    Help Please!
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      Do you have the Facebook stuff turned on?!

      Mine does this sometimes when it's loading the "like button stuff"


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        No, no facebook, no mods. The times are also quite consistent, for every page load I tried, now and the, for two days now...


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          I cant get your site to load at all right now.


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            Originally posted by Zachery View Post
            I cant get your site to load at all right now.
            Thanks for looking. Must have been a temporary thing.

            OK now? I am not on the local net of the server and it has been OK here.

            I also corrected a typo of a strange thing: It was the threads that stared to get slow when I removed the blocks from the forum which was quite confusing...


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     ? I can't even ping it, did you give us the right url?


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                Yes URL is OK.

                Ping is off in the router.



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                  Stats say there are 34 users online (with default timeout settig).


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                    Something must be blocking it from my end, sorry.


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                      And mine. Not loading.
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                        Can someone else in the US see it?


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                          I should set up some monitoring from overseas connections. Can someone recommend some service? But there seems to be some major link problem right now. Many US sites are not working from here either...

                          EDITED: I added connection moitors from a few different places in the world and they say connections are OK now.

                          But I stll have the slow pages problem.
                          Last edited by janaf; Sun 20 Jun '10, 2:56pm.


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                            Some monitoring sites I grabbed in the Google search bunch

                   San Fransisco sees my server 0.2s response time
                   I can not reach them
                   I can not reach them
                   I can not reach them

                            Edited: They are all reachable form here now so hopefully you can also see my site as well.
                            Last edited by janaf; Sun 20 Jun '10, 2:56pm.


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                              I get a weird delay myself, like the browser is waiting for something.


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