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Anyone else have titleimage trouble with 4.04? Just goes to Array

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    While Lynne's fix may fix the logo, what about the ones of us who make our own styles and have other folders that need to new paths, such as the buttons and do NOT want to overwrite the default theme? Example, images/buttons goes to Array, images/statusicon goes to Array. And of course the header. Anything with images/ seems to be busted.

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      Originally posted by Lynne View Post
      Bug report:

      Fix: In admincp/stylevar.php, change Lines 488-491 from:
      $vbulletin->input->clean_array_gpc('p', array(
              'stylevar' => TYPE_ARRAY_ARRAY,
              'original' => TYPE_ARRAY_ARRAY,
      $vbulletin->input->clean_array_gpc('p', array(
              'stylevar' => TYPE_ARRAY_STRING,
              'original' => TYPE_ARRAY_STRING,
      Uhhh wtf?? Isn't this a pretty huge bug? Why do I have to go in and change the damn code? Make your product work right. I have better things to do with my time than constantly working around your bugs!


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        I just began installing 4.0.4 a couple of days ago. I am revamping the site and figured things would be pretty stable by now. When I got the array issue, I just named my logo to match vbulletin4_logo. That worked but I hate kludges! I found this thread and Lynne's php code fix worked fine. Thank you, Lynne!

        I just don't see how a bug like this is still 4.0.4. Just about everyone changes the header logo.



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          seem to have similar trouble except not the logo issue in 4.04 but instead, I cant seem to update the Gradients field. it stays blank
          I just made the following change as Trevor suggests here.

          I have not tried to change the other image folders yet. Anyone else have the images/gradients issue? Cant seem to edit that field in my stylevars.


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            Installed 4 forums in the last week and had to apply this fix to everyone of them, this bug should of been patched straight away. Most users are not comfortable making these PHP changes. Its a joke.
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              I applied this fix and it still doesn't update my site. Replacing the vb default does work, but man, what a hack.


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                im using vb4.0.7 , and still have this.

                everytime i change the location in "title Image" , and save, the location is return to be "Array" .
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                  Go to Maintenance > Diagnostics > Suspect File Version Are all your files OK?

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