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After 4.0.4 upgrade message inbox disaligned in FF and IE8

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  • [CMS] After 4.0.4 upgrade message inbox disaligned in FF and IE8

    The message inbox looks a bit messed up after 4.0.4 install. Looks the same in IE8 and FF. It's the page numbering and checkboxes etc...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	inbox.jpg
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    Any clues? Is it only my site?
    Last edited by janaf; Fri 18 Jun '10, 4:56pm.

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    I'm afraid it looks to be just your custom style as it works fine on the default style.


    • #3
      I posted about this as well -

      I guess it could be a style issue but my style is the default minus the header and overall color. Something was really changed on version 4.0.4


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        Okay there is an issue if you are using this mod -

        That author needs to up[date his mod to work better in 4.0.4 I did some digging as I first created a new template without a parent and saw this as the issue.


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          Not using the icons for CP mod, so it's something else.

          There was an error on one of the last update screens about a stylevar that could not be updated.

          Can I re-run the 4.0.4 update again?


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            If you dismissed the template conflict I doubt it. Revert the USERCP_SHELL template and see if that fixed your issue.


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              No, I did not dismiss the template conflict, acknowledged that.

              It was about not having write access to a stylevar and there was no retry / undo or whatever, just Next STep button.

              So is it OK to run the update script again or can that do harm?


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                I can't see it doing harm but I am new to this only done upgrade a few times.


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                  Well, I have fresh backups of code and dB so lets try..


                  • #10
                    Solved. I had removed the whole /install instead of /install/install.php so the update was only partial.....


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                      I had this problem to but it was due to me forgeting to upload the files in the main upload or forum/ folder. I did all the subfolders. Second time I made this mistake. Anyway glad you got it fixed. Just posting this incase anyone else has the same problem and is looking for a solution.


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