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Still confused on some points of forum permissions

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  • [Forum] Still confused on some points of forum permissions

    Greetings all, I guess I have some confusion and was wondering if someone could help me understand how to correctly apply permissions to forums.

    We have a forum with several sub-forums for people in our community. Each sub-forum has an associated usergroup that is allowed access into the forum. When we create a new sub-forum, we create a new usergroup and in the usergroup creation page we base the group off the Registered Users group.

    But now we want to apply a change to the Registered Users group to limit some functionality. However because there are potentially a couple dozen usergroups based off that original group that users belong to, do I have to go through and touch every single one of those groups to make the same change so that users don't inherit the more liberal setting of the other usergroups?

    Am I missing something easier to control users' access to these sub-forums?


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    Basing the users off of group X is a one time thing. They're not linked in anyway shape or form.


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      Originally posted by Zachery View Post
      Basing the users off of group X is a one time thing. They're not linked in anyway shape or form.
      So say I have Registered Users with a PM inbox limit of 100.

      User bob has a primary group of Registered Users and is also a member of the usergroups:

      UG2 and

      all of which were based off of Registered Users so each usergroup still has the setting PM inbox limit = 100.

      If I got back and set the PM inbox limit (or anything else, like Can Delete Post from True to False) on Registered Users to 50, because the UG's still have the inbox limit of 100, bob still has a limit of 100. So that means that I then have to go touch each UG and edit it as well to reflect that change?


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        Bob will have a limit of 100, because one of the groups has a higher limit than his base usergroup.

        All yes's override no's, bigger numbers override smaller numbers.


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          Originally posted by Zachery View Post
          Bob will have a limit of 100, because one of the groups has a higher limit than his base usergroup.

          All yes's override no's, bigger numbers override smaller numbers.

          So back to my original question...

          I am doing this right by using usergroup membership to allow access to sub-forums? And if I make a change then I do have to go through an manually update the couple dozen usergroups?

          I guess that seems a bit cludgy so I was wondering if I am doing the permissions thing wrong.


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            The ultimate method in which to setup your permissions is to review what usergroups you have, workout which of those have the most changes required to actual forum permissions, then you set the usergroup permissions based on the least work possible. Example:

            You have forums:
            1. New Members
            2. Admin
            3. General
            4. Marketplace
            5. Staff

            Lets say you have two primary usergroups for members when they register upon your forum, Registered for new members and then after x amount off posts, they automatically upgrade to Full Member usergroup. Lets say for Registered usergroup you want to only allow them access to the "New Members" forum. So when you set their permissions that are replicated within forum permissions, because you only want them accessing one forum, you set their usergroup permissions to pretty much deny all, this way, you then only have to change that usergroups permissions when setting forum permissions for one forum, being New Members, then by default, they cannot access / post (whatever you want to achieve) by default in all other forums.

            Basically, you limit the amount of changes when you edit forum permissions by setting your usergroup permissions to what will suit the majority, so then you only have to make a minority off changes to actual forum permissions for each usergroup.

            It is a mouthful to get your head around... so I hope you understand that example.


            You always try and achieve what you can as a bulk from your primary usergroup, then if you want to add privileges to a user, you create additional usergroups with everything off, and you only add the changes you want to override the primary usergroup. This way you don't have to go through all your forum permissions and take that usergroup out from seeing hidden forums, private areas, etc. Example.

            Your primary usergroup has 50 PM's available and all major permissions to control that user. You sell the ability to upgrade PM's to 500. You create an additional usergroup, along with subscription for payment; upon payment the person then gets this additional usergroup added to their account. Everything in it is turned off with the exception the PM limit now says 500. This will then override the primary usergroup settings as its bigger than the primary usergroups 50 limit. You also now don't have to go through forum permissions and change default access settings for this new group, because you left everything off, and only turned on the specific changes. If the specific change means access, then you can do that via an access mask for the one user.
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              What I take away from all this is that you can use additional usergroups to extend more permissions, but not to take any away.


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                Correct, additional usergroups cannot strip, you would have to assign the user to a different usergroup to achieve stripping permissions. The only overriding option for an additional usergroup is the markup title displayed.


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                  ok, So I am still trying to figure out the absurdity of VB's forum permissions/user permissions/compounding usergroup permissions. I have no idea how to make this work right.

                  So I created a base user group with everything turned off called "_BASE-Usergroup". I created a usergroup called "Board Members - New". This new account is based on _BASE-Usergroup. I then allowed that usergroup permission to access the "Board Members" forum.

                  User "Bob" has its default usergroup set to Registered Users which is the normal VB group. When it's just that way Bob sees all the normal forums just fine, and as expected can't access the forum "Board Members".

                  Add additional usergroup "Board Members - New".

                  Now Bob can see and access the Board Members forum. BUT, whenever Bob posts in any forum including the Board Members forum, he is required to use image verification. In this thread, I was told that setting everything to off would mean that the additional usergroup wouldn't over-ride anything. Clearly that is wrong.

                  For the love of god, someone explain how to make the stupid permissions in this software work right. I have several sub-forums that I want various users to have access to. I want groups, that when they are added into, give them permissions to those forums WITHOUT overriding their default group so that I can still do things like add them to a default group that requires moderation. That seems damn near impossible with VB.

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                    bump for help


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                      Can you take screens of all of the usergroup permissions that bob has?


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                        Attached is the screen shot of the user. I figured out the image verification problem. The base group was set to require Human Verification. Oops.

                        But, I am still stuck with some goofy issues. For instance, you will note in the image,that the user has a default group called "Registered Users with Moderation". The only difference between the regular Registered Users and that group is that it has Follow Forum Moderation set to "no". That same setting is set for "Board Members - New". Yet the user can post willy nilly without any moderation at all. Why?

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	vbulletin_user_permissions.jpg
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                          Yes > No, always. So that user will not get any moderation.


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                            Originally posted by Zachery View Post
                            Yes > No, always. So that user will not get any moderation.
                            Yeah I get that. So why does a user, who is a member of ONLY two groups where Follow Forum Moderation is set to NO in both groups, STILL not getting moderated?

                            Follow Forum Moderation Rules
                            If no, posts are always placed into moderation queue


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                              Check the forum level usergroup permissions.


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