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  • [Forum] Video Embedding

    The feature list for VB4 says " Video Embedding (YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Dailymotion, Google, Metacafe) - New in 4.0".

    Is this just the regular BBcode? Or is there a genuinely new way to embed videos? The manual makes no mention of it.

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    You click the video button, Click image for larger version

Name:	video.png
Views:	5
Size:	656 Bytes
ID:	3679432 , and enter the url to the video.

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      Thank you!


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        That is a nice feature, numberous video embedd in one button, is there a bbcode that does the same thing for VBulletin 3.8? I understand that it is a new feature in VBulletin 4, just wondering if there is some sort of work around to get that to work on 3.8?


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          What are the options for this code? I would like to be able to force it to thumbnail...


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            i just get the link displayed inside [video] tags. Nothing plays. u have to click the link and then it just goes to youtube. same as always.
            Im on a new installation from a migrated 3.8. does something have to be turned on to get it actually embedded.?


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              Might need to uncheck "parse links in text". Working fine here even without doing that.


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                very odd.. after i posted, i went back and tried again.. same result..

                posted it here in my post, same result also....

                Grabbed a random video on youtube and they worked fine in my forum..

                seems somethig unique about the video I happened to grab to test with. It plays in an HTML widget in the CMS, but it wont play embedded in the forum. Good enough for me now.. i tried several others and they embed fine. thanks for your help... I wasted a good 2 hours researching because of an oddball video.. duh..


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                  Don't cha just hate that? Been there, done that!


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                    How can you add sites to the list of supported sites?

                    We're a gaming site so I'd like to add Game Trailers and EA Sports.
                    Community Multiplayer Gaming


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                      You'll probably need to create your own custom BB codes for those.


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