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Attachments in dB or file system, is there really a performance difference?

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  • janaf
    I just made some measurements
    • Apache Jmeter application
    • Over the internet, not local network
    • On a live server with typically 500 visitors 5000 page views per day
    • Around 500 files in the file attachment area
    • Five pages with an average size of 50K content
      • The forum home
      • The CMS home
      • The Blog home
      • One page with 10 images
      • One section page with 20 article abstracts, each with an image. The slowest page
    • Two test cases
      • Tree users doing a total of 2-3 requests per second, total 500 page loads
      • Ten usesr doing a total of 6-7 request per secons, totally 500 page loads
    • Two storage models
      • File system storage
      • mySQL storage
    • The tests where redone a couple of times, with a few hundred page downloads between each test
    • Average response time 800mS with 2-3 requests per second
    • Average response time 1700mS with 6-7 requests per second
    • Hardly measurable performance difference between storage types (1% better with files on file system) for both loads
    • Much bigger difference between each download and load level than between storage types
    More tests
    • More tests where done ona a single page with 10 images only and the counclusion is the same; no measurable difference in performance between storage types.
    • Other tests done with requesting the full download every time, no cashing. Result; much slower download but hardly measurable dfference between storage models, with about 3% download time advantage for the file system storage type over dB storage.
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  • janaf
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  • Attachments in dB or file system, is there really a performance difference?

    Im curious if someone with a large site and lots of attachments has actually tried if there is really a performance difference in storing attachments and images in the file system or in the database?

    I guess it all comes down to which storage, search and cashing is most efficient. I saw some MS SQL and IIS performace measurements where the result was that the difference was marginal. The SQL solution actually had a small performance benefit with average file sizes under 50K while the file system solution was slightly faster for larger files.

    A decade or more ago, the storage of binary database was very inefficient but this has changed. So I wonder if there still is a performance advantage with file system storage or if this is based on old knowledge. From an organisational and backup point of view I really prefer the database storage model. My own database is so far too small to really see any difference.

    So anyone really tried comparing?
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