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'Mod Rewrite Friendly URLs' come back 'Standard URLs'

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  • [Forum] 'Mod Rewrite Friendly URLs' come back 'Standard URLs'

    My old URL is 'Mod Rewrite Friendly URLs'. I installed vbseo, but when enter old URL (google search) then I see 'Page Not Found'. I want old URL come back 'Standard URLs' then vbseo will work.
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    You have installed a third party software and changed your URL structure... you will need to get a custom solution to redirect as you have replaced one set of mod_rewrite with an entirely different set, hence why it doesn't redirect back to standard, then redirect to vbseo. That is a change you either have to have a custom set written for you or just wear the change now, as you have done it.

    You should have removed your default vb rewrite rules and let the system default back to all standard, let search engines pick these up over a month, then installed vbseo... otherwise, custom rules are now needed.


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      thank a lot

      but URLs from site others link to my site , it will die.


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        Yes... these are the little catches that many don't understand when changing URL's, especially when using mod_rewrite.


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          i solve this problem.

          in vbseo have option
          "File Not Found" requests handling? - Include custom error page. NOTE: The filename should include the absolute path. (example: /home/user/public_html/error.php)

          I coded file error.php

          $link = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
          $a = explode('/',$link);
          if ($a[2]=='threads') {
          $b = ''.$a[3];
          else if ($a[2]=='forums')
          $b = ''.$a[3];
          $b = '';
          Header("Location: $b");
          successful !


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