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  • [Forum] Can't import Skin

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to upload a Skin called "Blood" from skinbox. I've done it on several fresh install, and still get the same issue:

    I'm stuck at "Creating a new Style called 'Blood", then nothing happens, it seems that it won't upload. I've tried others skins with success.
    When I import the XML file from my server directly, It's not the same, i can see what is beeing installed but it stuck again here:

    Template Group: Registration

    Template Group: Search

    Template Group: Show Thread

    Template Group: Groups

    Template Group: Threadbit

    Template Group: User Control Panel

    Template Group: vBulletin CMS

    Template Group: Ungrouped Templates

    Before posting i've opened a support ticket without great results, still the same. Before opening a ticket i've contacted skinbox and ask him the same questions, he told me that it was forking perfectly on several others vBulletin boards, same version, same skin. I've searched this forum without success. I'm a little bit lost, so i come to you fellows, maybe it's allready happened to you.
    I've tried to install other skins, that works perfectly.

    My server is a shared hosting on 1and1, php5 activated via .htaccess file, MYSQL 5.0 is running, vBulletin 4.0.3, Blood skin from Skinbox.


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    Problem solved thanks to vBulletin team

    So the solution was:

    I've now imported it under the style name 'new Blood'. I think the problem you had was that the style XML file had a number of template updates for the CMS when you don't have the CMS installed. I edited the XML file to remove the CMS template group and it uploaded it fine.
    Hope that it helps someone like me one day.


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      Not sure why you had this issue, we import "vBulletin" from Download/Upload Styles and don't touch to the XML archive. Seems like a VB bug to me.
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        If you had no problem and he did, maybe the "bug" is in the third party skin, ya think?


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          Yeah except I made this skin.
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            Well...............maybe not then


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