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Is the CMS on 4.02 buggy?

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  • [CMS] Is the CMS on 4.02 buggy?

    I'm running into some problems but I am new to this and it may be driver error. Though it is happening time and time again so, not sure.

    I made sections and sub section in the CMS
    However some of those sections and subsections are not showing up.

    I have gone to B bulletin cms- permissions and assigned permissions to each section saying that users can read them. I remembered to save permission changes before closing this window. However still nothing comes up for regular users. They can't see sections. For example under sections is a section called digital sculpting- then a sub section called mudbox and and a sub to that called utorials-mudbox. I have uploaded articles to these directories but there is no way for anyone to get to them.

    I can't edit an individuals category, say I miss type it and then try to edit it and change a letter to a cap. When I press save, it then takes my categories and messes them up, making some subs of others. I can't find anyway to keep that from happening except to just delete that category and make it all over again. HOWEVER. This morning I woke up and everything was amok. When opening the categories some were made into random sub categories of others. Why is this happening? When they do this I can't do anything but delete them and start all over again. This is laborious and getting pretty old.

    categories are not showing up in the left hand column for individual users.

    If you are interested the forum is at

    Thanks in advance

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    addendum to this post. Categories show up as soon a user logs on, but once they click on a section the categories disappear. Am trying this from both mac and pc platforms. both as admin and user.


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      try admincp>vbulletin cms>section maneger and make sure the sections are published
      also try admincp>vbulletin cms>permissions and make sure the usergroups you are using are set to be able to read for all sections there is a tree of sections and subsections that need to be set individually
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        Everything on 4.x is buggy haha
        Reality Check!


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          Originally posted by BootsSiR View Post
          Everything on 4.x is buggy haha
          ever been to florida during lovebug season I think theres less bugs than 4.x


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            Make sure that Show on Section Navigtation Widget is set to yes, make sure users can read the CMS, and sure sections are published. It'd also be a good idea to upgrade to 4.0.3


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              Yes. they are published. ahh on further inspection the su,b sub sections were not. Because they were hidden. Let's see if that fixes the one problem. NOPE! in fact it made it worse. I lost some of my sections totally! Any idea on how to get those back?

              I did go to permissions and set those to be read by users. By "tree" of sections I assume you are talking about my tree of sections sub section and sub sub section. Yes I have done that. I did that first thing.


              Can you clarify where Show, and section navigation widget is? if your second section of suggestions is what is mentioned in the above posts I have done that.

              What? upgrade to 4.03. we just purchased this a few weeks ago and paid a small fortune to have it installed. Are you saying we need to upgrade it ourselves? Is this difficult? is it more stable? I guess I should ask how I find out about upgrading.

              Bootsir and Xlr Godfather
              Why would they sell something if it were buggy, and needs upgrading?

              Any suggestions on the catogries going crazy and how to fix this section problem?

              Problem is still not solved. Opened to more suggestions


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                Edit an article/Sections (via the pencil icon) and you can see the setting If you still can't find it I can post a screen shot.


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                  zachery. Oh that. Yes, that is checked but the one below it Make available for subnav is that the subnav in my sections bar? And should search able also be checked?

                  Now, if I could just figure out what happened to all of my sections? I wonder why they are no longer showing up? Just one Is the new version more stable?


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                    Originally posted by mdelaflor View Post
                    zachery. Oh that. Yes, that is checked but the one below it Make available for subnav is that the subnav in my sections bar? And should search able also be checked?

                    Now, if I could just figure out what happened to all of my sections? I wonder why they are no longer showing up? Just one Is the new version more stable?
                    When you say there not showing up where are they not showing?
                    in the admincp or on the home page?
                    I have been looking at your site from a non registered user perspective and everything looks ok so i,m not sure what you are referring to when you say something is missing

                    As for them selling a buggy product It unfortunately is not uncommon when you buy software or a script for there to be undiscovered bugs (look at windows vista and various video games) as no software developer can account for every scenario especially when there is an entire modification site solely for customizing your vbulletin site
                    Does that mean I agree with them releasing the product in the condition its currently in? NO
                    there are still quite a few things that could have been addressed before release
                    But I still think it is a good product regardless
                    as for upgrading I am running off of 4.0.2pl4 because I have a fairly heavy modified site and Want to make sure the next time I upgrade it will be it for a while as the current upgrade to 4.0.3pl1 may require me to revert templates and I am not going to keep re customizing my site
                    your site appears to be running with very little or no mods at all so you may benefit from the upgrade but that is a decision your going to have to make for yourself
                    My biggest suggestion to you in terms of upgrading is to read read read threads related to upgrading

                    I will be more than happy to help you in any way possible but I always recommend using the advise of official vbulletin staff above anyone else!
                    Just remember to alert them of your personal level of experiance with vbulletin as sometimes I think they forget were not all coders and some of us are new to this.


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             I was wondering If I could force the sections like in number 9 of this article. However when I try to do that there is a drop down bar that says "Use the menu from Sections" That would be great if it would, but it is not, or atleast not showing up I I try to say "use the sections I choose below" a pop up comes up and says I cannot save this data without a unique url. I have not put any SEO URL ALias' in anywhere.

                      Put in seo url alias saved through use the menu sections. one more comes up the others do not. I have a meeting but will try to force the "use the sections I choose below" when I get back. I'm also open for any further suggestions. This won't beat me!


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                        Oh, I had another post to answer your question but it did not take. They are not showing up for the user. There are 5 sections and a couple have subsections.


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                          I have registered on your site to try to help you further.
                          As I said I will be glad to help I am also personally in an artistic trade


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