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vBulletin does not work with Internet Explorer

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    Originally posted by gregespo View Post
    If you try it from several different computers on several different LAN connections - it is not a cookie issue. I am glad the admins of this board have a fan club. BUT THIS IS THIRD TIME THEY HAVE TOLD ME TO REINSTALL. It gets old folks. I have not had a sip of the same cool aide. I expect when I pay for a product that it is for the most part bug free. Surf around and see the complaints.
    One more time, no one can fix a problem that they can''t reproduce. So if you won''t give them the details that they asked you for, or you won''t post here the link to your forum with a test account so we can see the problem first hand, how do you expect them or anyone else to help you out? I have never had such an issue with IE and vB before. Also, I haven''t seen any other threads with such issues. So can you kindly link us to them?


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      My laptop is held together with tape(I'm broke don't judge),I have IE 7.0,and am in Safe Mode yet I have no problems with any vBulletin forum. Do you not understand you have 3 staff members going out of their way to help you?


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        Originally posted by gregespo View Post
        Surf around and see the complaints.
        I have 3 vb4 installations all running fine - no issues at all with IE.
        I expect when I pay for a product that it is for the most part bug free
        lol!Do you pay for any Microsoft products?


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          I would like to jump in and report I am having the same problem as gregespo. I have played with all the Vb options. Tryed logging in from as well as Tryed the default skin, turned off/on friendly URLs, tryed different PCs, reinstalled VB, with IE8 and safari I can not log into the forum. With google chrom it works fine, with firefox it works fine. I have also not been able to log into a few other VB 4 forums on the internet. This forum I WAS able to log into.. So im thinking it is just VB4... I can log into the admin area no problem, just the forum and CMS I can not... I have 30 users signed up so far most with the same problem... (they can not log in). It takes you to the page that says Thank you for logging in.... Then redirects you to the page you where at back as a guest! If you have IE8 (or want to test another browser) you can see what it does here:

          and as gregespo I have seen other postings reguarding this problem, but have seen no one able to resolve it as of yet.


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            I think it's time to retire Internet Exploder all together? What a horrible browser.
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              Originally posted by raplaws View Post
              and as gregespo I have seen other postings reguarding this problem, but have seen no one able to resolve it as of yet.
              If you have the exact same problem, then see post 8 since that was the solution.

              Please don't PM or VM me for support - I only help out in the threads.
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                did that fix his problem? cuz for me:

                "Cookie Domain:
                This option sets the domain on which the cookie is active. The most common reason to change this setting is that you have two different urls to your forum, i.e. and To allow users to stay logged into the forum if they visit via either url, you would set this to (note the domain begins with a dot.
                " Mine is set to and it has the same problem...


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                  And yet so many of us don't have that problem. You think my vBulletin 4.0.3 is different than yours? If it was a bug in the software everyone would have the same problem, no? Couldn't possibly be you or one of the mods you're running.


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                    I do agree with you in that I have found it odd to find so few cases of this... so it has to be something that is different with our servers or something... as of right now I have no clue, ive been messing with it all night... I PMed the other guy.. i would like to find out what we have in common that so few others have... Do you think it could have anything to do with Mysql not running on the same server as VB is hosted on?? Im going to play around with it a bit more and see if i can come up with anything.. I host at ************, they keep there mysql on a diff. server address... ive never had a problem before but at this point im stumped...


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                      Nakedavil... Your running Vbulletin 4.0.3 as well? Whats your address? I want to try and log into yours... & is it the suit or just the forum?


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                        Sorry if my post above was a little acerbic. We are all here to help each other.

                        Sure, My registration is open. I'm running a minimum of mods and default skin. I also have mySQL on a separate server. I'm running the suite.

                        You Can Find Me Here

                        I'm a total beginner and installed everything and set it up myself. I have used a professional for a few things and when I have a problem and he might be able to help you too.

                        He's here

                        By my measure, he works cheap!

                        (Can a moderator tell me if it's OK to link to someone I've been happy with?)
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                          i have the same problem, however, i am on vbulletin 3.8.5. i just upgraded from 3.8.2

                          i have many different users who cannot login. some are using firefox, some on chrome, opera, ie, etc. it is not a set type of browsers.

                          when i change my cookie path as recommended in post #8, i cannot log out completely. so, so far, that isn't a remedy, unless there is one or a recommendation to address the logging out issue when you change the cookie domain to something

                          i had no problems when i was using vbulletin 3.8.2, but since the upgrade is when users encountered the difficulty logging in.


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                            Please start your own thread.


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