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  • [CMS] Turning off the CMS.....

    After some consideration & use we have decided that the article function of the solution is not required and just confuses some of our less 'technical' members.

    I'd like pointed out where you switch off the cms, am sure I remember seeing it somewhere obvious!

    Also, having switched it off, what happens to people visiting a link to an article previously published? is there some 'smart 404 redirect' or do they just get a 404?

    will removing the cms also remove the button to the main content page on the header, or is this switched off elsewhere?

    Finally, Any tips for upgrading to the latest version? currently still in 4.0.0!!! Been too nervous about doing an update, and want to do so now whilst I can have some downtime during a planned 'maintenance window'

    Answers to any, or all of these questions would be gratefully received! In fact I'd be happy for links to other posts that answer them that I've failed to find myself :s

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    You can turn off your CMS via plugin manager.
    Upgrade is just like all other upgrades. Close forum. Back files and database. Overwrite files. Run upgrade.

    I believe you will get 404 errors to old links.
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      Plugin Manager! Doh! That's where the pesky thing was hiding! Thanks!

      Wonder if there is a way to sort out the 404 error with some custom redirects?

      Also, what difference does it make if I 'disable' rather than 'uninstall'? I can;t imagine wanting to turn the CMS back on, but you never know!


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        Uninstall will remove all the tables (and thus all data/articles already added).

        You may be able to write some htaccess that simple redirects any calls to content.php to forum.php

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          Actually, haven't tried it on links to specific content pages, but the links to /forum/content.php are redirecting automatically to the forum

          Think I'll just keep it 'disabled' rather than uninstall, might use it again in future.


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