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  • [Forum] Invisible Groups

    This post is about Groups, not usergroups.

    Ok, so I see permissions that make it so people can make private groups that should be invisible to people not in that group, or at the very least, settings so that no one outside the group can read the discussions.

    However, nothing I do seems to make this work. People not in the invite-only groups can still read discussions that should be private. Is this a bug? Is there something I am missing? I tried placing a service ticket for this during 4.0.2, but the people who wrote back did not even seem to read what my problem was and was asking for admin access and ftp access and all sorts of things he didn't need, so I waited for 4.0.3 to try testing this again.

    Anyone know how I can fix this, or if it is a bug?

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    Well, this is about usergroups actually, because if you haven't set the correct permissions within the usergroup areas for the social groups, then this will certainly create instance when any user can just browser through groups.

    Why you put a ticket in, then rejected to give VB access to take a look, I have no idea. That doesn't even sound sensible to me. Sounds to me like you need to rethink giving them access if you want support so they can take a look at it, reupload any files that may be suspect and not have uploaded correctly, etc. This is why they ask for such details.


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      I'm going to have to take a step back on this. After double-checking the permissions I have discovered that I can no longer set my groups to "Users must join to view content." This is probably the source of the problem right now. This is with an admin account with all the permissions set to Yes. Now I have to ask, is that a normal feature or could it have been a permission created by a mod/add-on that I have not yet reinstalled?

      As for my support request problem before... I'm mostly peeved because I did provide information to my test domain and a user account, but when the person responding noticed it was not an admin account all I got was an extremely cut and paste response asking me about error codes (which I was not getting and never mentioned), access info to everything from myphpadmin to shell, and then requested I repeated the problem again. Admin accounts would not experience the permission trouble of a regular member, and it would have taken less than a minute to read my original report and then test it out to see what I was trying to report. So basically I'm just annoyed that they could take the time to paste a mostly irrelevant response but not log in and duplicate the problem.

      Sorry about the rant part there, I just felt it needed to be said. Thanks to anyone who can help me identify what is going on.


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