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Adding pictures to articles. Admin can use WYSIWYG editor, Moderator cannot.

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  • [CMS] Adding pictures to articles. Admin can use WYSIWYG editor, Moderator cannot.

    When creating a new article in the WYSIWYG editor I can add images by using the button. When I press the button, it gives me a nice little box that allows me to attach images (this only works for Firefox/Camino and not in Safari). When those images are added, you can left align, size, and add mouseover functions to the image. It's great.

    However, I've limited creating articles to one additional member by creating a new usergroup and allowing that group to post with all the privileges one could have in creating an article (can post HTML, attachments, etc). She can view the WYSIWYG editor the same as I can but when it comes down to adding images, she does not get the advanced image box I do. She gets a simple box to add a URL

    What gives and what settings need to be adjusted?

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    Can they upload attachments?


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      yes, but not from this picture button. only in the traditional attach method. if done through attach (not picture icon) you can't adjust the advanced formatting settings as mentioned in the first post.


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        I created a new user, gave it administrator privileges and it still does not work. Screenshots of what I'm talking about found below.

        What I see on my main account (admin "A)" that works properly:

        In creating or editing an exisiting article you are giving a WYSIWYG Editor. Here's part of the toolbar:

        After clicking the image icon, you get this nice looking popup:

        The image gets uploaded and placed into the editor and now has a nice pencil icon to do advanced formatting:

        However, when using another account (Admin "B") with administrative privileges this is the scenario I get.

        Toolbar in WYSIWYG editor:

        After I click the image icon:

        As you can see the nice popup box is not there even though Administrators are set to use CMS with HTML, attachments, every check box in CMS permissions is checked.

        Bonus view of a existing article editing with Admin "B".

        The attachment doesn't show up in picture form like it does when editing with Admin "A"

        I hope this clarifies the situation.
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          Are you sure the new user is using the WYSIWG editor?


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            Zachery! You genius you! I clicked the little A/a editor button and it switched! Crisis averted!

            Now if you could only help me on this current dilemma:


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