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  • [Forum] Ads Option?

    I'm not sure if I'm missing something......but how do I get to the ads option in the AdminCP?

    Is it part of the CMS?

    I've never used it before and a bit curious.

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    In your VB4 AdminCP, you don't have the tab called "Advertising" at all?

    Or, are you talking about the Google Adsense one?

    The standard VB Ads system comes with VB4, Google Adsense is available after you link your Google Adense account in your vBulletin member's page at

    The default Advertising tab should be there in a normal VB4 install as far as I know. (Even without Google Adense enabled)
    To be updated...


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      I know what you mean, sometimes mine shows up in the list in the left hand column, sometimes it doesn't & it never shows in the "options" drop down list.

      What you can do is login to your adminCP then enter the following link in your address bar:

      PHP Code:

      Or if you have a different directory: 

      Then- click on "add New Ad" and it will walk you through the steps of where to place it, inserting the proper code, etc. On (rare) occasions, if the code you add doesn't work properly (as is the case with some scripts), you can enclose your ad in <vb:literal></vb:literal> tags.

      It would look like this:

      PHP Code:
       <vb:literal>your add text-script here</vb:literal
      have a great day,



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        Did some investigating and turns out you need to edit the users admin permissions and grant access to that part of the AdminCP.


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