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Page number of thread no longer indicated/bold

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  • [Forum] Page number of thread no longer indicated/bold

    At the bottom of each thread where it shows the number of pages (ie how long the thread is) it no longer indicates which page number you are on.

    It used to be bold before. Now there is no visual indication. Just text "Page 3 of 12"

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    Can we have a response, please?

    The shading indicating the current page has disappeared.


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      Same problem after upgrading 4.0.3


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        Can you confirm here in Forum?

        Which is your browser?


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          Create a new style with no parent:
          • Styles & Templates > Style Manager > Add New Style
          • Parent Style: No Parent Style
          • Title: Default vBulletin
          • Allow User Selection: Yes
          • Save

          Then browse the site using that totally default vbulletin style - do you still have the same problem?

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            I hadn't noticed this following the upgrade yesterday from 4.02pl4 to 4.03, but after reading this thread, I see I also am now missing the highlight of the current page number.
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              my vBulletin.css still contains
              .pagination dd a.selected {
              background: {vb:stylevar pagination_current_background};
              color: {vb:stylevar pagination_current_color};
              border: {vb:stylevar pagination_current_border};
              display: block;
              float: {vb:stylevar left};
              clear: {vb:stylevar right};
              padding: {vb:math 2px + {vb:stylevar pagination_span_border_top.borderWidth}} 4px 2px;
              margin-{vb:stylevar left}: 1px;

              Looking at the css for it appears that the dd has been dropped but for some reason I was left with the dd after the 4.03 upgrade/change merge during the upgrade script.

              So to fix I clicked on "View Original" and copied the whole pagination section to the current vbulletin.css
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                I narrowed it down to the vbulletin.css too.


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