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SLOW QUERY for social groups, pls help

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  • [Forum] SLOW QUERY for social groups, pls help

    Hello. I have a problem with my social groups.
    I have imported from my old forum(custom made) all of my members to VB4.Also i have added them into a social group.
    I have a problem with the index for the group section.
    In my slow queries i found this:
    # Time: 100401 10:41:21
    # [email protected]: forumul[forumul] @ localhost []
    # Thread_id: 5363 Schema: forumul3
    # Query_time: 13.193767 Lock_time: 0.000109 Rows_sent: 10 Rows_examined: 7576276 Rows_affected: 0 Rows_read: 0
    SELECT user.*, socialgroupmember.groupid
    ,avatar.avatarpath, NOT ISNULL(customavatar.userid) AS hascustomavatar, customavatar.dateline AS avatardateline,customavatar.width AS avwidth,customavatar.height AS avheight
    FROM socialgroupmember AS socialgroupmember
    LEFT JOIN user AS user ON (socialgroupmember.userid = user.userid)
    LEFT JOIN avatar AS avatar ON(avatar.avatarid = user.avatarid) LEFT JOIN customavatar AS customavatar ON(customavatar.userid = user.userid)
    WHERE socialgroupmember.groupid IN (3,3)
    AND 10 > (
    FROM socialgroupmember AS socialgroupmember2
    WHERE socialgroupmember2.groupid = socialgroupmember.groupid
    AND socialgroupmember2.dateline > socialgroupmember.dateline
    ORDER BY socialgroupmember.dateline DESC;

    I have checked all off the tables from this query. I do not have any NULL ids or something like this. Do you know what seems to be the problem?

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