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Number of comments iin CMS does not match forum replies

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  • [CMS] Number of comments iin CMS does not match forum replies

    We pay so much for this thing and it so hard to get official support. They always send you to the forums so why start a ticket. I get soo much better support from vbseo.

    Anyway here it goes!

    Since upgrading to vb4 I''ve have a host of members complain about comment counts not matching in CMS and forum and see x # of comments for an article but when click it only shows 1 and then to see the rest you have to go to the cms comments forum.

    Any ideas?

    Here are two reports from mods. I';ve noticed this once also:

    I'm also confused on replies on Articles and replies on Thread posts. They seem to be different or separate.

    An article can show 6 comments but there is no way to see the comments or know where they are at?
    If I view an article on the home page, for example the LinkedIn for BB, it says there are 5 comments but I only see mine, but in the forum, it shows all the comments. Why don't they all show up in the article from the home page? I posted my comment on the article itself and it appeared in the article comments and in the forum thread....did the others just reply to the forum thread, and not comment on the article? Is there a way to get those replies to the forum thread to show in the article comments

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    Its because the CMS uses upwards of 225 queries in a default setting... so to help offset the load, they try to cache a large amount of information. One of the items cached is, I believe, the post count. I don't know why it can't query the forum datastore cache instead or why so many queries are required in the first place (when vbadance does most of the same things with about 10) .
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      Thanks for reply. I dont know what the hell i was thinking when I purchased and upgraded to this "thing". Omg nightmare.

      Caching used to clean up em.. hide the mess. But frustrating users.

      Any workaround? Cache only for guest maybe?
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        It might be fixed with the content specific types coming out in the next release... I'd wait for that at least because mucking around. I honestly don't know... haven't gotten to that point yet.
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          thanks Reeve! Anyway to disable/lower cache for members?


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            The temporary fix is to clear the cms cache via the admincp when you see it hang. It happens to me sometimes as well, but can't seem to reproduce it. A clear of the cms cache takes care of the problem for a few days/weeks.
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