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Posts out of order - any way to fix this?

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  • [Forum] Posts out of order - any way to fix this?

    My host got their server clock out of whack at some point overnight, and for a time this morning, it was running 8 hours fast. So, all of the posts were, of course, showing up as posted eight hours in the future.

    They've got their server straightened out, but now new posts are "insterting" ahead of posts that were made earlier this morning with an advanced time stamp.

    Any way to go back in and correct this? Some way to manually adjust the time stamp on the posts to put them back in order?

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    Oh, it gets even better. The flood check is holding back PMs, too.

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      I've had this happen on my site. Unless you want to go into the database and manually change the post dates on a bunch of posts, it's best to just let it ride out. Set the search flood to 0 for the next couple of hours and hopefully that will be a temporary fix.

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        The most annoying thing in the world. Last time it happened to me, it got so confusing for my members that I closed the forum for the 4 hours it was off.


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          This is happening to me as well, you wouldn't happen to be hosted by Media Temple by any chance would you? Seems to be a common issue with vB sites hosted on mT.


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