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Restore My DB and ALL Profile "Avatars" Not Showing...

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  • netblix
    Thanks Lynne, I found that "VSA- Login To User Account" mod was causing this problem.. weird tho, before DB restoration it NEVER causes anything like this.. I'm going to try and install a new one, hopefully it'll go smooth.

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  • Lynne
    So Guests will see the avatar, but users go to the same page and do NOT see the avatar? Perhaps a link to a profile page that is having this problem would help along with a test username/password.

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  • Restore My DB and ALL Profile "Avatars" Not Showing...

    I restored my DB, all tables, threads, post etc... are back to normal.

    The only problem is, in members Profile Page.. their Avatar isn't showing for registered user.

    When a "Guest" visit members Profile they have no problem seeing user avatars BUT when members visit.. avatar doesn't appear..

    I did updated counters, table etc.. what's the issues I'm having?
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