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  • ENF
    If the mods are in their own user group, it will not affect them. It also does not work retroactively... it won't remove access of people that already have it. (Unless of course you change the user group permissions.)

    We usually leave the mods in the normal "Registered User" group [Primary] and then assign them to moderator teams via the "Secondary User" group and this has never been a problem for us.

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  • Bob_R
    Thanks dude. I'll work on it.

    Here's a bonus question.

    Would I be able to have it not affect Mods that are under 100 posts. In other words, if you're a Mod you are automatically entitled to viewing and posting in the Private forum.

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  • ENF
    You need to create a separate user group and create a promotion.

    The promotion should be so that once the user reaches 100 posts, they'll be moved to the new user group with the added permissions to the private forum.

    Best Practice:
    - Take your current normal user group, create a copy. Name it whatever you would like.
    - Edit the permissions of the new group to have access to the new forum.
    - Create a promotion to move a user to the new group once they reach 100 posts. (Promotions are done once per hour, by default in vBulletin)


    Joe joins your forum and by default is put into "Registered Users".
    Joe makes 100 posts on your forum.
    Forum Software sees this and says "Hey! I'll promote him!"
    Joe is moved into the "Contributing User Group"
    Joe can now see and post in the private forum.

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  • Bob_R
    started a topic [Forum] Private Forum - Must have 100 posts

    Private Forum - Must have 100 posts

    I'd like to make a forum private. You would have to get to 100 posts before you can enter.

    ** See screen shot provided for example on how I'd want it to look if you
    A) Weren't logged in.
    B) Had less than 100 posts. **

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