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Another problem with logo image/header image

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  • [Forum] Another problem with logo image/header image

    I am having trouble replacing the VB logo with my logo. I have gone through all the steps, but the logo isn't changing correctly. The VB logo is gone, but now only text with my site name and powered by VBulletin is showing up in it's place.

    I went through these steps:
    Styles and Templates > Style Manager > StyleVARS > Imagepaths > titleimage

    I have tried changing the original name, uploading different formats (jpg, gif, png), and several other things.

    Since created the logo myself I was thinking it might be a problem with the size, but should have been fixed with the different formats.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Tried to change the forum logo, found that changing the original one worked, but when I tried to use my own banner.jpg I had a problem. For some reason the new style I created and used still used the titleimage stylevar setting from the default VB style! Weird bug.

    oh by the way if you want to add an image from your harddrive: upload it first, we can't see stuff from your harddrive only you can


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      Try this.
      Upload the image to an album at your site.
      Open the image full size.
      Look in the lower right corner for the 2 links.
      Copy the non IMG tagged link by right clicking and selecting copy.
      Go to the title image stylevar and erase what is in there now.
      Right click on the now empty path slot and select paste.
      Click save.
      Open the forum and see if the image is there. If it is then the path you were using is not pointing to the image. If it's in a folder say gradients, then the path would be one of two.
      1> www.yoursite.bla/images/gradients/yourimage.bla
      2> images/gradients/yourimage.bla
      The first is direct. The second is relational. Either should work.

      If you are using another theme and it's in its own folder then add the direct path as sometimes the relational path doesn't work.


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