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Small issues when viewing forum by mobile phone

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  • icarusforde
    1. Works fine and fast for me on any connection. Wifi included. Check what sort of mods/hacks you have installed.

    2. Cookie issue on your phone most likely.

    3. Mod, therefore not relevant to this site, we don't provide support for unofficial coding.

    4. Not sure on this.

    5. Yes, I know. You can get plugins for mobile access (iPhone and Nexus, blackberry soon atm) but that's only for users that buy the app. Otherwise, you can strip down a style or write your own.

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  • stator
    started a topic [Forum] Small issues when viewing forum by mobile phone

    Small issues when viewing forum by mobile phone

    I have decided for the first time to visit the forum by using the wifi in my mobile. A few things that i noticed that are not working right.

    The forum itself takes a bit of time to load even on a strong signal,when viewing the site with a mobile phone. Maybe you have the option of a mobile phone version.

    The password was not accepted straight away even when i am sure i entered it correct. I logged in fine after 3 attempts.

    The thanks button doesnt work even though java is enabled and cookies are enabled in the phone browser setting.

    The direct upload function doesnt show up at all only the text is showing.

    Many of my users that opt to view this forum through their mobile phones. Also i would be handy for users to be able to view and download via their phone for quick access to the forum resources.

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