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Three bugs in Vbulletin CMS - please help to fix

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  • [CMS] Three bugs in Vbulletin CMS - please help to fix

    Hello Team,

    Here are some problems I faced while using Vbulletin CMS.

    Recently I purchased Vbulletin Suite 4.0.2 for my project.

    The first problem is connected with moving my website from my old domain to the new domain I moved files and databases successfully, but faced a problem with CMS – some images attached to the news weren’t displayed, and when I looked into the source code, the links to those images were leading to their old address instead of the new one.

    Here are the screenshots (300kb)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cms3..jpg
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ID:	3715394

    This problem was solved in this way- I changed the status for articles to "unpublished", and then re-published them.
    But it is simple when you have about 10 articles. Is there any solution for the case when there are about 20,000 articles?

    The second problem is connected with text formatting for a short and a full version of the news.

    In the article editing mode it has the following look

    Click image for larger version

Name:	cms4..jpg
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Size:	78.9 KB
ID:	3715395

    after publishing the part of the article that goes before "Read more" has the following look

    Click image for larger version

Name:	cms5..jpg
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Size:	53.4 KB
ID:	3715396

    Why the formatting goes wrong and why the picture can be aligned only to athe left side?

    The third problem is connected with wrong display of the New messages widget. The topic has some pictures attached, but these pictures are just not displayed. Please tell me why? Why my avatar is not displayed, although I already set it up.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	cms6..jpg
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Size:	73.1 KB
ID:	3715397

    I’m eager to know if you plan serious changes to CMS soon and when exactly. My resource will have a lot of articles and news soon, and the current CMS is just unable to handle large amounts of content. That’s why I’m trying to understand if I can wait for your changes or should I delete CMS and install another more convenient and stable one.

    And I’d like to knoe how can I delete Vbulletin CMS so that I can replace it with Joomla/Data Life Engine. What files should be deleted from ftp and what tables should be deleted from the database? In general I need information on how to delete CMS so that blogs and the forum continue working well.

    PS: I don’t use any modifications, forum skin is standard.

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    any help?


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