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How can Guests to see my Blogs ???

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  • [Blog] How can Guests to see my Blogs ???

    What should i do to guests to see blogs ?

    I enabled these permissions for the Unregistered / Not Logged In users;

    Options>user gorups>Unregistered / Not Logged In>edit

    Can see the blog
    Can read the blog
    Can search the blog

    But didn't work.

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    I forgot the mention my forums are private...

    I just would like to open my blogs...


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      If the usergroup cannot view the forums (as the usergrop option)they cannot see blogs either.


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        You may want to check your default blog guest settings under vBulletin Blog: General Options | Default Registration Options. If Guest may...View Blog is unselected, then all new blogs created will not allow guests to view those blogs. You also can configure this setting under each separate blog by going to Blog Settings | Permissions & Privacy | Guests may...View your blog.


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          I have checked all these settings, and do not have private forums. Guests can see administrator blogs, but not registered user's blogs.
          I have checked and checked the settings and cannot figure out what setting could be different between the admin and registered user that is causing registered user's blogs to not be seen by guests.


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            Any suggestions?


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