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  • [Blog] Blog Subscription Issue

    When I purchased one of my vBulletin licenses for a community that would mainly blog, the feature description on the site lead me to believe that members could subscribe (not just rely on RSS feeds) to an entire blog (and not just a blog entry):

    Syndication and Subscriptions

    Site wide and per-blog RSS feeds allow syndication to external readers, and full support for vBulletin subscriptions enables users to join their favorite blogs and receive regular email updates.
    My question is: Can a user subscribe to an entire member's blog (so that they get emailed any new blog posts)? The features list for Blogs suggests that there is full support for vBulletin subscriptions so that they can join their favorite blogs (not just individual blog entries). How does a user join their favorite blogs? I don't see any configuration options to allow this. My members cannot use the RSS feeds, as the RSS feeds don't work if the blogs do not allow guests to read them.

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    I finally found where it allows you to subscribe to a member's entire blog, but it is not working. One of our users, of which I subscribed to their blog, submitted a blog over an hour ago...and nothing was emailed to me as it was supposed to. If I subscribe to a blog entry, the email notification works. But not when I subscribe to their blog. Email is working fine in all other areas of the site. Our users need to be notified of any new blog entries by other members they are following. The site is on 4.0.2. Anyone else experiencing this? I want to see what else everyone is experiencing before I submit it as a bug. Thanks.

    After working with the blogs for a bit now, I'm really feeling that there is much more work that needs to be done in this area of the Suite.

    Edit: I experienced another instance where a blog I am subscribed to was posted to in the evening and I did not receive the email notification until the next morning, only "after" I logged into the site. So logging into the site was necessary to trigger the email notification to be sent. That behavior completely defeats the purpose of blog notifications. The members of our site are bloggers. They are also reporting issues. They are receiving a first email notification of a blog post to a blog they just subscribed to, but then do not receive any more email notifications of new blog posts until they log in again. Then it appears to "catch-up" on those additional notifications. But why would they need those back-logged notifications at that time as they are now visiting the site and can read the new blog posts themselves? What they need is to be able to subscribe to a blog and receive constant email notifications of all new blog posts to that blog whether they log in regularly or not.

    Looking more carefully at the end of a blog post notification, the email notification states:

    There may also be other comments, but you will not receive any more notifications until you visit the forum or blog again.
    Is that what I'm experiencing? If so, why in the world would it be designed this way?
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      As there are no responses, I'll just submit a ticket for this as my users are getting upset that they are not getting notified of new blog posts when subscribed to a member's blog.


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        BTW, I just received a response from support and they are not treating this as a bug.

        I want people to be aware of the blog email notification behavior as it is extremely limited and is not fully supported as advertised. If you subscribe to a member's blog, you can expect to only receive an email notification for just the very first blog post they make from the time you subscribed to their blog. After that, you will not receive email notifications for any new blog posts until you log into the site again. Once you log in, it then emails you out all the blog post notifications from that blog since the last time you logged in. Not sure how that is supposed to you are now on the site to read any new blogs anyways. I probably should have done something with Wordpress instead, as with that software you can expect to receive an email notification for every new blog post made to a subscribed blog. My users are upset and it has embarrassed me for promoting this product for the site based on the blog features that are being advertised:

        Site wide and per-blog RSS feeds allow syndication to external readers, and full support for vBulletin subscriptions enables users to join their favorite blogs and receive regular email updates.
        As it states, I should receive regular email updates for a blog subscription. Only receiving an update for the very first blog and then having to log into the site before it will catch up on email notifications for any subsequent blog posts is ridiculous. How can those be called regular email updates, when all but the first is emailed only after you log into the site? I don't need an email notification at that point, because now I can see what has been posted on the site. Our members think that no one is posting to the blogs they are subscribed to...only to find out when they do log in again that there have been several new blog posts that have been made that they were not notified of. Then they also wonder why they all-of-a-sudden are emailed those past notifications, which were only sent after they logged into the site. A bit useless at that point.

        As you can tell, I'm a bit upset about this. Blog is now part of the Suite and certain features are being promoted for it by vB. Blog subscriptions with regular email notifications is a core functionality of other blog products out there. Not sure why this was missed by vB. At the very least, vB should remove this listed feature off their website as it is not implemented as they describe.


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