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  • [Forum] Uesrgroup Images

    Is it possible on vb4.0.2 to have an image shown in the postbit_legacy for each usergroup ?

    So i cn have say an ADMIN image under the usernames of the admins, etc

    Many thanks in advance

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    You can use, User ranks to do this

    AdminCP -> User Ranks -> Add new user rank

    On the screen define the following parameters:

    Number of times to repeat the rank: 1
    Usergroup: (choose usergroup based upon what you want to show, EG for Admin Rank, select rank)
    Minimum Posts: 1
    Stack Rank: (This is up to you, use the help feature)
    Display Type: (This is up to you*)

    * The display type will dictate whether you see multiple user ranks or not in the postbit, for example if you use "Always" and the user belongs to Admin, Mod and Super Mod each with their own user rank then when you view this user you will see all 3 user ranks (this is where stack is important because with multiple ranks it can display side by side (Stack: no) or one on top of another (stack: yes)) However if you use "If displaygroup = this group" then only 1 rank will show regardless of how many usergroups the user is in. This will be defined by the users display group type for their account.


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