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How can I change the main directory of the script

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  • [Forum] How can I change the main directory of the script

    Firstly hello all. I'm new to vBulletin as an owner but have enjoyed it from the front end on various boards I'm a member of. I'm not exactly "code literate" but I feel comfortable enough poking around if I know where to poke. Having said that I have a small change I'd like to make...

    I've just installed vB4 Suite and installed it in as used in the install example. It might seem silly but I'd like to change the name of the forums directory to something like main for example. The home page is under /forums/ and the forums are under /forums/forum.php. A small thing for sure but I'd like to see something without a stutter so I'm hoping to change it to

    Ultimately I'll be adding a splash/age verification page on the main page.

    I'm guessing the easiest way is to do the install again to make the change. No biggie since I've literally just installed it and there's nothing on the site. But a part of me is hoping there's an easier fix.

    If not, and I have to re-install the script, what would be the best way to do that?

    Thanks for the help

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    Well, it was easy enough to re-install and it all looks fine now. Since I had done nothing but installed the script I just deleted the old database, made a new one, changed the name of the folder to main and re-installed.

    piece of cake.


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