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Altered my config.php and now forums are down...HELP

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  • [Forum] Altered my config.php and now forums are down...HELP

    I just upgraded to vBulletin 4 last night.

    Everything went well, but just now I went into my config.php file via FTP and updated my technical email address.

    Now I cannot access the forum and instead i get the following message...

    "Configuration: includes/config.php exists, but is not in the 3.6+ format. Please convert your config file via the new"

    I am at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    When you download vbulletin and unzip it, there is a file called located under /includes folder. You will want to rename that to config.php and edit it with your details. The most important details being the following:


    after you have updated the details ftp it to your server.


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      OK, first off. TY Andy for the quick reply.

      I did just as you suggested and it worked. Things are back up and appear to be back to normal for the moment.

      Thankfully I had just created a new config.php file just moments before altering the one on my server while attempting to create a test forum via some instructions I found here on this forum. Unfortunately I haven't had any luck in that respect, but the config.php file I created (along with your insightful recommendation) saved the day so there was a silver lining to my madness.

      I am wanting to create a test forum so as to learn my way around this new version without doing what I just did, shut the forum down. Switching from 3.8 to 4.0.2 was quite a shock. Even more mind blowing (for me at least) is trying to find my way around the CP to change the drab look of the default.

      For now I think I'll just take a break from trying to figure things out, at least for a couple hours at the very least


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