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Edit the "alternate" color when "input" form text box?

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  • Lynne
    If I recall correctly, this is controlled by ".formcontrols .blockrow input.textbox:focus". So a Search in Templates for it to see what stylevar controls the background there.

    When using firebug to get a class for an object that you hover over or need to select, select the item first to inspect it (and you'll see that box at the bottom with the class on the right side), then click it again (or for hovering, hover over it) and see how those classes change on the right hand side.

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  • Edit the "alternate" color when "input" form text box?

    vb4.0.2 suite with all the latest patches.

    When you create a new thread, the form box that you enter the TITLE of the thread in is controlled from the stylevar called "textedit_background" I believe. I can edit that color fine. Problem is, once you CLICK in that form input box to type, the color switches. And because of my color scheme, it changes to a dark grey which makes it when my default text color is black, very difficult to see what you are typing.

    I can't figure out how to change that "alternate/input" color for the background of the form box. Same issue occurs when I type in the TAGS box. Yet the message area is controlled differently and there are no issues there.

    This is the BEFORE picture before I type anything in the box.

    And this is the DURING picture when I am actually typing into the box I'm referring to.

    Anyone have any ideas what I need to tweak? I run FireBug and I don't see anything talking about an "alternate" color or an "input" color. Only "input" font sizes and types.

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